Kamala Harris Schedule On Immigration Suddenly Scrubbed

(FreedomBeacon.com)- It looks like Vice President Harris’ scheduled meetings on the border issue are all clear.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who had been delegated to address the root causes of migration by the White House, was in Guatemala seeking to break through with a simple message last June. Harris advised would-be migrants not to come to the United States and that the US would continue to enforce its laws and protect its borders.

The migrants ignored the Vice President or just didn’t pay attention. According to the US Customs and Border Patrol, 234,088 migrants were captured at the southern border last month. It is the highest border breach ever reported.

Last month, then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if President Biden had faith in Harris and her ability to handle the border matter. She claimed Biden has confidence in the Vice President’s ability to manage to issue. However, media reporting shows that as the flow of migrants has increased, immigration has faded from the vice president’s public calendar.

According to an investigation of Harris’ calendar by news organizations, Harris hasn’t held an immigration-related event since last summer. The most recent event was a White House meeting with Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander leaders. It touched on immigration briefly.

Officials from the White House deny that Harris’ published itinerary tells the entire story. Harris’ Press Secretary Kirsten Allen told reporters that the Vice President continues to oversee the Root Causes Strategy implementation and has been interacting with administration officials.

Kamala Harris traveled to Honduras for the inauguration of President Xiomara Castro and discussed migration, among other issues. According to media reporting, she has supposedly led top-level meetings that are not made public. But none of that has helped slow the migration of people to the border. Democrats in border areas, such as Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, have issued warnings to the Biden Administration, but they have gone unheeded.

Concern mounted, even among Democrats, as the number of interdictions increased and catastrophic pictures from the southern border filled cable television. According to reports, Biden’s own pollsters have cautioned that the issue is a real vulnerability. But Biden maintained that he could get the situation under control.

After a White House presser last year, reporters asked the President if there was a crisis at the border. Biden said no, and that he and Harris would be able to handle it.

While there may be nothing on Kamala’s schedule regarding the border, I’m sure she’ll pencil it in if necessary.