Kamala Harris Saves Herself After Listening To Her Husband’s Advice

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The majority of women are unaware of the fact that mansplaining is effective. There’s always a possibility that a woman who doesn’t know any better may listen to a man who imparts his wisdom, follow his advice, and prosper as a consequence. Is that so terrible?

For instance, Vice President Kamala Harris nearly escaped another embarrassing setback on Wednesday by acknowledging her husband’s superior understanding. The vice president attempted to make a basket on the basketball court after attending a celebration of Title IX’s 50th anniversary at American University. It went horribly. She hit the net.

Isn’t hitting the net outstanding, some ladies may be asking?

Yes, but not always. A made shot in basketball is referred to as a “swish” if it passes past the metal rim but merely strikes the net as it descends. Known as an “airball,” a failed shot that simply hits the net is not a good thing. If the ball does not also pass through the hoop, no points are scored for hitting the net. It is customary for opponents to criticize and jeer players who shoot airballs, and for a good reason.

After being fouled while shooting, players try uncontested shots from just inside the free-throw line, which is 15 feet from the basket. Harris then missed four more attempts from this area. The vice president’s husband, Doug Emhoff, took it upon himself to instruct his wife on how to shoot a basketball after seeing her suffer a humiliating 0-5. He rightly advised, “Bend your knees.”

Harris made the shot after heeding the man’s advice.

Since entering office in 2021, Harris’ effectiveness as vice president has likely been limited to one thing. Harris’ 16.7 percent (1-of-6) field goal percentage is not great, but she still outperformed Barack Obama, who in 2013 had a dismal 2-of-22 shooting performance on the White House basketball court.

Harris was unfortunate because her record-low job approval rating was marginally higher than her poor shooting %. Only 24% of respondents in New Hampshire had a good impression of the vice president, while 64% had a negative opinion, according to a recent poll.

If she listened to her spouse more regularly, she might not be as disliked.