Kamala Harris Reveals She’s Going To Tell Everyone “America Is Back”… In Vietnam?

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The White House has found additional busy work for Vice President Kamala Harris to keep her out from underfoot. Later this month, the embattled, unpopular VP is planning to make a trip to Singapore and Vietnam, ostensibly to send Asia the message that “America is back.”

Though, telling Vietnam “America is back” may not be the most well-thought-out plan. But for the Biden administration who bungles messaging on a routine basis, it’s pretty much par for the course.

According to the Vice President’s office, sending Kamala to Asia is the Biden administration’s way of telling them how “critically important” they are.

Though, sending the least popular Vice President in modern history is a heck of a terrible way to tell them that.

Kamala, who’s foreign policy experience consists of making a mess of the US relationship with our neighbors to the South, plans to “emphasize the importance of comprehensive engagement and strategic partnerships.”

This is the kind of meaningless gobbledygook that passes for diplomacy in the Biden White House.

The Administration plans to unleash Kamala on government officials, members of the private sector and “civil society leaders” so she can share Joe Biden’s “vision” for a “free and open Indo-Pacific.”

No doubt his vision involves chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream on a waffle cone.

Kamala plans to discuss regional security, the COVID pandemic, and, of course, climate change.

Naturally, Kamala’s spokesperson Symone Sanders is playing up how “historic” her visit will be, adding in her statement that Harris will be the first US vice president to visit Vietnam. Though considering Kamala’s numerous missteps and messaging blunders when she visited Guatemala and Mexico, let’s hope Kamala’s visit to Vietnam won’t drag us back into a war with them.

President Biden has only taken one foreign trip since his inauguration – traveling to Europe for the G-7 Summit, the NATO summit and his Geneva summit with Vladimir Putin. Like Harris’ first foreign trip, Biden’s foray to Europe came with its own set of missteps and gaffes.

Whether or not Singapore and Vietnam are in store for similar missteps and mistakes from Kamala remains to be seen.