Kamala Harris Gives Very Disturbing Answer Over Vladimir Putin

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The only thing more agonizingly painful than listening to Kamala Harris pretend she has a single clue about foreign policy is listening to Kamala Harris pretend she’s a tough guy on the world stage.

And last week, in one cringe-worthy response, Kamala Harris provided an example of both.

Last Monday, when Kamala landed in Michigan to campaign for Biden’s infrastructure spending, she was asked about the current situation in Ukraine. And let’s just say, whenever Kamala talks about geopolitical events she displays the knowledge and gravitas of a beauty pageant contestant.

First, she wanted reporters to know just how integral she is to the discussions. She made sure they knew that she is constantly briefed by her national security team and is also a part of the “active discussions” with US allies and “partners around the globe,” adding “in particular Europe.”

Really, Kamala?


Doesn’t that stand to reason since, you know, Ukraine is in Europe; Russia is in Europe; NATO is in Europe? Of course, Europe is part of the “active discussions.” That really didn’t need to be clarified.

Then Kamala burped out the White House line that the US respects “the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.” Guaranteed one of Kamala’s staffers printed that on a notecard in BIG LETTERS and suggested she memorize it.

Kamala then tried to play the hard-as-nails tough guy, warning that “any aggressive action” by Putin “will be met with severe consequences.”

Sure, Jan.

This is the woman who, when the subject of foreign policy cropped up during her one and only debate with Mike Pence, offered up the complex and well-thought-out argument that foreign policy is about relationships.

If Vladimir Putin watched these remarks from Kamala Harris, he probably rolled his eyes and laughed.

Kamala wrapped up her remarks by saying the ball was in Putin’s court, adding that she doesn’t know what Putin is going to do, but if he moves aggressively in Ukraine, “we are prepared to take decisive action.”

“We are prepared?” We?” Who does she think she’s kidding?