Kamala Harris Claims She Brought Up Human Rights Abuses In Asia

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris wants you to know she’s working hard, and finally, she’s thought to tackle some issues that Americans actually think need tackling.

After abandoning her failed efforts to secure the southern border by talking to Southern American leaders – a tactic everybody knew would never work – Harris jetted off to Asia for a week where she tried to sound tough on China.

Speaking to reporters in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Thursday, Harris said that she is “not going to shy away from difficult conversations.”

It’s kind of ironic that President Joe Biden was shying away from tough decisions about Afghanistan that very week…

Harris went on to say that there must be difficult conversations and America’s partnership with Vietnam must be maintained, indicating that the U.S. federal government might do more to take on China, as well as human rights abuses going on in other parts of Asia.

We’ll see.

Harris was asked by reporters whether she had received any commitments to release Vietnamese dissidents, but she could only say that she has so far had discussions with Vietnamese government officials and civil society leaders in the country.

Harris’ trip to Vietnam was the second stop during her week-long Asia trip. She had previously met with government officials in Singapore.

Harris confirmed America’s support for Vietnam over ongoing tensions with Beijing and committed U.S. military resources to help Vietnam build its Naval capabilities as China expands into the South China Sea.

This is evidently one big push to make Harris more palatable to people who want to see American leadership on China, but perhaps Harris would have greater success by actually doing something to secure America’s borders instead…