Kamala Harris Calls In Her Senate Friends As Big Fight Develops

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris has a new job. After failing to tackle what she called the “root causes” of mass illegal migration from South America into the United States, Harris is now reportedly leveraging her connections in the Senate to find the right person to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.

Senator Tina Smith, a Democrat who represents Minnesota, told the press that Harris is “gathering information” from members of the Senate and using her chamber connections to find the right person for the job.

And by “right person,” of course, we mean a Black female. Because that’s who Biden promised he would nominate.

“She asked me what my priorities were, and any other feedback I had. She’s very much in listening mode,” Senator Smith added.

The reports, however, raise concerns about President Joe Biden’s intentions with the latest Supreme Court pick. With Harris asking senators what they want in a new Supreme Court justice, she is indicating that they are hoping their pick to replace Breyer will give them an advantage when passing or attempting to pass unconstitutional new laws.

Otherwise, why would it matter what Democratic senators want? A new Supreme Court justice should be picked based on their qualifications and their ability to interpret the United States Constitution as it was written.

It’s what Trump did when he nominated three constitutionalists to the bench, and it’s what other presidents before 2008 did, too.

After failing to pass Build Back Better and their so-called “voting rights” legislation, and the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates getting shut down by the Supreme Court, it looks as though Harris is not so much in “listening” mode, but in “war” mode.

She’s looking for a candidate who fits Biden’s racial and sex description, but who will also advocate for the kind of extreme-left legislative agendas she has pushed since her time in the United States Senate.