Kamala Harris Admits A Filibuster Carveout Won’t Happen

(FreedomBeacon.com)- For some inexplicable reason, the Biden administration decided to make Vice President Word Salad Kamala the White House’s point-person on abortion.

To that end, Kamala had a one-on-one interview with CNN’s Dana Bash last week to discuss the administration’s strategy for dealing with the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Bash asked what Kamala had to say to the Democrat voters that helped get her and Joe elected and ensured Democrat majorities in the House and Senate who are demanding they do something now.

Kamala asked Bash what Democrats were supposed to do.

Bash explained that Democrats should pass a law making abortion legal in all fifty states.

When Kamala said the White House agreed that Congress had to pass a federal abortion law (which is unconstitutional), Bash pointed out that the only way to accomplish that is to eliminate the Senate filibuster rule requiring 60 votes. But when the Senate tried this in May, the measure failed.

Kamala explained that currently there aren’t enough Democrat votes in the Senate to eliminate the filibuster.

Bash demanded to know Kamala’s position on eliminating the filibuster. Rather than answer, Kamala said the president has already spoken on the issue.

The Biden administration has decided to use abortion as a central midterm strategy. The objective behind noting that the Senate can’t abolish the filibuster isn’t to dispirit their radical base; instead, the objective is to fire them up. They want voters to expand the Democrat majority in the Senate so Democrats can ram through a wildly unpopular bill that does not have the support of the American people.

A Harvard/Harris poll conducted after the Supreme Court ruled on Dobbs found that 72 percent of Americans support a 15-week abortion ban. The bill Kamala and the Democrats want to ram through would make abortion legal through all nine months of pregnancy in all fifty states.

But there isn’t even support for Congress enacting a federal abortion law.

According to the Harvard/Harris poll, only 31 percent of respondents believe Congress should have the authority to set abortion law nationwide while 44 percent want it left to the states.