Justin Trudeau’s Wife Asks Hillary Clinton For Relationship Advice

(FreedomBeacon.com)- At the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was seated next to Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

The former secretary of state even gave relationship advice to the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at one point during the conversation, which covered a wide range of themes relating to the Clintons’ new television show, “Gutsy.”

Hillary said staying in her marriage wasn’t the best option for everyone. Everyone should be given a chance to make those difficult decisions regarding relationships as best they can, even though sometimes the courageous thing to do is to not.

Hillary continued by citing other women she and her daughter had conversations with in “Gutsy,” including activist Gloria Steinem who broke off her engagement after determining that getting married was not the best course for her.

“So does being gutsy mean reimagining love and relationships?” Trudeau asked.

She added that love is taking on so many forms now, from all gender, from all races.

She said that as long as human beings are happy, it is not our responsibility to keep an open mind to reimagine how love can express freely.

“Amen!” Hillary answered.

Grégoire Trudeau shared images of the occasion on Instagram on Monday, describing it as a “wonderful time” with “brave ladies.”

She said they discussed the role of nature, humor, and taking leaps of faith while we all try to follow our life paths courageously. She stressed the importance of female leadership, emotional well-being, and literacy, building bridges between people of all genders, backgrounds, or cultures.
These are “essential themes for a better democracy and more justice in the globe,” she said.

“I didn’t have Sophie Grégoire Trudeau asking Hillary Clinton for relationship advice on my 2022 bingo card,” True North’s Cosmin Dzsurdzsa quipped on Twitter. He pointed out that Bill Clinton is an “Epstein Island-pal.”

The former president was also involved in a well-known sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky, an intern at the time. This scandal put stress on the Clintons’ marriage.