Judge Grants Mom Of Team USA Gymnast A Delayed Prison Start

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A federal judge from Oregon just allowed the mother of Jordan Chiles, a gymnast representing Team USA, to attend the Tokyo Olympic Games later this month…by delaying her prison sentence.

Gina Chiles was originally required to report to prison on July 27 after pleading guilty to wire fraud. She is facing a 366-day prison sentence after admitting to embezzling over $1 million from her clients when she ran a Portland property management firm. But for some reason, a judge sided with the Portland criminal when her lawyers filed a motion to extend that date by 30 days, allowing her to attend the Tokyo Olympic Games.

If she wanted to go to the Tokyo Olympic Games, perhaps she shouldn’t have committed a crime and embezzled her clients’ money? Just a thought…

But here’s where it gets really interesting…Gina Chiles won’t actually be attending the Olympic Games. Spectators are not allowed to attend the event, which has already been delayed by one year, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a recent surge in infections in Tokyo. So her lawyers’ plea to allow her to support her daughter simply means she can watch the games…on the television.

Couldn’t she have done that in prison?

Chiles’ attorneys said in the motion that the additional 30 days would allow her to “support her daughter throughout the Olympics and for some time beyond.”

Prosecutors didn’t object to the request, for some reason, and it was eventually granted last Wednesday. It will mean, according to the motion, that Jordan Chiles will have additional time to enjoy her “mother’s emotional support and guidance.”

While attendees are not allowed to watch the games in person this year, there will likely be various technological ways that Japan makes the event feel more interactive for those watching on television or online. President Joe Biden has announced that he will not be attending the games and is instead sending his wife, Jill Biden, to lead the U.S. delegation.