Juan Williams Says It’s Time To Target Guns

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Juan Williams is whining about all the guns in America.

In his latest opinion piece at The Hill, Williams provides example #324,579 of why Juan Williams’ opinions should be ignored.

Williams’ premise is rising crime isn’t the problem in America. Gun violence is the problem. Which is like saying overeating isn’t the problem. Eating ice cream is the problem.

It bothers Juan that Congress “refuses to limit access to guns.” That pesky Second Amendment!

Juan cites a lot of polling from left-leaning polling outfits to “prove” that Americans support more gun control.

Let’s pretend this is factual.

Our unalienable rights are not based on public polling. What part of “unalienable” does Juan Williams not understand?

If the majority of Americans supported limits on religious freedom, Congress would still be violating the Constitution by limiting access to religious freedom. Likewise, if polls showed the majority of Americans want due process limited, Congress couldn’t limit the due process rights of American citizens.

And it’s a safe bet that Juan Williams would never advocate for either of those.

But for some reason, when it comes to the Second Amendment, Juan Williams has no problem with Congress infringing on the unalienable rights of Americans based solely on opinion polling.

Williams wants you to believe that the massive increase in violent crime in 2020 was due to Congress not passing gun control. He refused to take into account Democrat-run cities electing pro-criminal district attorneys. He refused to acknowledge the push to defund the police or “reallocate” funds from the police.

Democrat-run states and cities have put criminals ahead of public safety. And the only thing that bothers Juan about that is that, as a consequence, more people are buying firearms. It troubles him that there has been a surge in gun purchases among blacks and Latinos. But can you blame them for buying guns? When police aren’t able to maintain public safety and district attorneys keep releasing prisoners back onto the street, they have to protect themselves.

That’s not a gun violence problem. That’s a Far-Left Activist Politician problem.

But Juan Williams has no problem with far-Left activist politicians.