Juan Williams Backs Democrat Plan To Rig Elections In Their Favor With Voting Laws

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Not that you need another reason to ignore him, but Juan William wrote another one of his idiotic opinion pieces for the Hill this week where he echoed all the histrionic portends of doom Democrats say will happen if Congress fails to jam through the unconstitutional federal takeover of our elections.

In short, Juan Williams is once again acting as an official propagandist for the Democrats.

No surprise there.

Like the Senate Democrats, Williams demands that the filibuster rules be changed so the Democrat election-rigging scheme could be rammed through on a 51-vote majority. And like the Democrats in the Senate, Williams whines about Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema standing in the way.

Throughout his entire op-ed, Williams adds absolutely nothing substantive to the debate. Instead, he simply regurgitates every talking point the Democrats and the media have peddled for weeks.

Republican states are continuing the so-called “insurrection” of January 6 by enacting voter integrity laws to preserve the security of their states’ elections.

If you oppose “voter rights” you are just like the people who opposed Martin Luther King.

And of course, Williams believes that an unconstitutional federal takeover of elections is the only way to make sure “Democracy” survives the evil, evil Republicans and their violent attempts to overthrow “our democracy.”

And blah-blah-blah.

Williams gets especially fussy and angry that the Republican Senate candidate challenging Raphael Warnock in Georgia opposes the federal takeover of elections because he is endorsed by Trump. And everybody knows only Trump and his “cult” are opposed to “voting rights” because they’re a bunch of racists.

Of course, the racist Republican candidate in question is Hershel Walker who happens to be black.

But that doesn’t matter!!!

If you are opposed to the Democrats’ federal takeover of US elections, you’re a big, fat racist Trump cultist!

Williams concludes his hyper-dramatic screed by declaring that the Democrats’ election takeover must be passed “to preserve voting rights for all against a deceitful, violent effort to end American democracy.”

What a drama queen.