JP Morgan CEO Apologizes After Criticizing Communist China

( The Chinese Communist Party recently used its state-run propaganda media outlets to gloat about an apology issued by the CEO of JP Morgan, after he joked that his bank would be around longer than the Chinese communists.

The Global Times, a CCP-run media outlet that has no journalistic freedom whatsoever, gloated about the two apologies issued by CEO Jamie Dimon. The newspaper warned American companies to “educate” themselves about China and avoid making future “ignorant” comments like Jamie Dimon, warning that the companies rely on the Chinese market to continue growing.

In the column, the state-run outlet said that the Chinese market is “closely related to the success of US companies” and that the Chinese Communist Party “is the backbone of China’s success.”

How are they defining success? If they mean total control over the people and the use of slave labor, then sure, they’re doing very well indeed.

The column gloated and cited a Chinese saying that says, “after one finishes eating meat in the bowel, they start cursing people who give them the food.”

They added that a CEO and billionaire businessman “should have understood this.”

Dimon only issued the apology after he was forced to. He made the original comment about the Chinese Communist Party during a speech given at Boston College last Tuesday. He talked about how he was recently in Hong Kong and that in a speech during the trip he said both the Communist Party and JP Morgan recently celebrated their hundredth year.

The CEO was forced to apologize after his comment was shared by many American news outlets, including Bloomberg.

“I’d make a bet we last longer,” he said. “I can’t say that in China. They probably are listening anyway.”

The fact that he said this and was then forced to apologize, and then China gloated over forcing him to apologize, kind of proves his entire point anyway.

“I regret and should not have made that comment,” he later said.

Why do CEOs always give in so quickly to China and Woke communists in America?