Joy Reid Says People Only Care About Ukraine Because They’re White

( The odious Joy Reid found a way to make Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a racial thing.

Are you shocked?

The only thing shocking about this is it took Joy ten days after Russia invaded to do it.

On her low-rated MSNBC show Monday night, Reid claimed that the only reason people are so hyper-focused on the war in Ukraine is that it’s a white, Christian European country.

Reid accused the Western media of “racial disparity” in how it covers the suffering of Ukrainians compared to how it covers “browner or blacker” regions embroiled in wars around the world.

Reid whined that the civil war in Yemen doesn’t get anywhere near the coverage the Ukraine war is getting.

Does Joy Reid not realize she is part of Western media?

How much airtime has she spent discussing the civil war in Yemen? Or was Monday the first time she ever mentioned it?

Has she done a single segment about the civil war in Ethiopia?

Reid was also irked that all the people going out of their way to show their solidarity for Ukraine aren’t offering the same show of solidarity for the people of Yemen. And that has to be because the Ukrainians are white people and the Yemenis are brown people.

There wouldn’t be all this shocking news coverage if Ukrainians were brown people. Nope. According to Joyless Reid, the only reason we have 24/7 non-stop coverage of the war in Ukraine is because Ukraine is in Europe and the people are white Christians.

If Russia had invaded a browner or blacker country, Reid mused, would the international response be the same? Well, said the race-baiting Reid, Russia already did in Syria.

That’s just dumb. While Russia did deploy soldiers to assist Syrian President Bashar al Assad in the ongoing civil war, it didn’t invade Syria to overthrow the government.

But Joy was never one for details.

Reid concluded that the media reaction to the war in Ukraine should be a “teachable moment.” She said the Western media has to do “a lot of soul-searching” to figure out “why some wars and lives matter more than others.”

If only Joy Reid knew somebody with an evening cable news program who would be willing to spend some airtime covering the “browner or blacker” conflicts.