Journalist Reveals How He Was Secretly Tortured

( A Brazilian journalist revealed how he was tortured in prison after being arrested on Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes’ orders in December 2022, according to The Gateway Pundit.

As communism reportedly sweeps the country while Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ousts former President Jair Bolsonaro, five top journalists including Paulo Figueiredo Filho, Rodrigo Constantino, and Zoe Martinez, were ordered to be fired from the leading conservative network, Jovem Pan, in the country.

Oswaldo Eustáquio, an acclaimed journalist in Brazil, was arrested for attending protests and urging the military to invoke Article 142 to settle disputes between branches of the government. Eustáquio notably produced “Quebrando o Silêncio” in 2009 documenting the killing of indigenous babies and received the International Young Peace Prize.

In December 2018, he aided President Bolsonaro’s transition as part of his team. In 2020, he reportedly revealed a coup plot against Bolsonaro during a live broadcast that attracted more than 250,000 Brazilians. Shortly after he was arrested for “anti-democratic acts” including criticizing the Supreme Court.

He was reportedly beaten, tortured, and left partially paralyzed. He is currently in hiding.

“I wasn’t just assaulted and beaten, I was tortured. I carry the scars on my body to this day,” Eustáquio said, noting that Papuda was “hell.” He continued to recount the torture, saying that when he arrived with a Brazilian flag wrapped around his body, they removed it and left him naked. They also allegedly removed his wedding ring and denied him a bible.

“At that moment, in a symbolic way, everything I believed in was taken away from me: God, Homeland, Family, and Freedom,” he said, adding that the principles and values of the symbols were “embedded in my body, soul and spirit.”

The New York Times is reporting that Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes is a “lead defender of democracy.”