John Kerry Gets Checked Under Oath Over Jet Question

John Kerry, the climate czar appointed by President Joe Biden, blasted a Republican legislator for joking about using private aircraft.

Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) made a witty remark to the witness, Kerry, at a House subcommittee hearing regarding Chinese solar panels. He said he hoped getting here wouldn’t have been too much of a hassle for Kerry’s operations crew and private plane.

Like many international leaders who are outspoken opponents of global warming, Kerry returned to the sore subject of private planes toward the conclusion of their conversation.

The climate czar stated that the private plane issue is one of the most egregious continuous falsehoods he hears, and he claims he doesn’t own a private plane.

Kerry said there is no private jet in the Stacks, and he’s never been the proud owner of a private jet, and to bring up the fact that he flew in a private plane chartered by the State Department is stupid. He said if he wanted to “go there,” he should.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) questioned Kerry further, reminding him that he was under oath and reading into the record a February report from Fox News about the sale of the Kerry family’s Gulfstream GIV-SP private jet to a New York-based hedge fund after it made headlines for the number of trips it had taken and the estimated carbon dioxide emissions it had caused since the beginning of the Biden administration.

During his testimony, Kerry was asked if his wife, Teresa Heinz, had a plane, and he said she did. During his stint as climate czar, which lasted around 2.5 years, Kerry said that he typically takes commercial aircraft but did admit to taking a few military flights and one journey on a private jet for personal or official reasons.

Kerry responded that no one is asking Americans not to fly. He said this in response to the claim that Americans will perceive hypocrisy that undermines the battle against climate change. 

Kerry also said he would happily share details of his official, taxpayer-funded travel with Congress.