John Kerry Angry China Tensions Hurt His Climate Change Push 

( According to a report, John Kerry, the U.S. government’s special envoy for climate change, has said that disagreements between the U.S. and China detract from his progress in climate negotiations with China. 

Kerry, who has executive responsibility over environment and energy policy and is a cabinet-level official in the Biden administration, told the media that stress between the two countries is hampering negotiations. As a result, they have become more reserved, expressing their belief that we are unfairly picking on them. 

The report shows since Kerry has not disclosed the specifics of his climate discussions with his Chinese counterparts, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has opted to investigate the matter. 

Comer’s letter to Kerry explained that the Committee demands documents and facts to understand his position and offer critical openness regarding the SPEC and its actions. Kerry has the responsibility of representing the interests of the United States as Biden’s cabinet member.  Yet his comments continually demonstrate a lack of respect for US national security and the money American taxpayers paid. 

While serving at the National Security Council and Biden’s cabinet, Kerry was asked to provide more information about his work, as Comer required. Fox News reports that the State Department has allocated $13.9 million for Kerry’s post, which had never existed until President Joe Biden nominated him. The position employs 45 people. 

According to Kerry, hostilities among China and the US have increased in the last twelve months.

The United States military destroyed a Chinese balloon off the coast of North and South Carolina in early February because they feared it was spy aircraft. China insists it was only an errant weather balloon despite claims by the United States that it was a surveillance balloon with monitoring capabilities. 

Reports show Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the speaker of the House of Representatives, has announced intentions to go to Taiwan, which has reportedly irked Beijing. This comes after former Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the former speaker of the House, visited Taiwan last year, despite repeated warnings from China.