John Fetterman Hospitalized For Mental Health Issues

( According to reports, Democrat Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman admitted himself to Walter Reed Hospital to treat severe depression. Adam Jentleson, chief of staff to Fetterman, published a statement with the news.

Jentleson stated that Senator John Fetterman admitted himself to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to undergo treatment for mental depression. John’s depression has been intermittent throughout his life but has become more severe in the last several weeks.

According to the statement, the senator was assessed by the Attending Physician of the Congress, Dr. Brian P. Monahan. Monahan advised that the senator be hospitalized at Walter Reed. Fetterman has voluntarily begun therapy after agreeing to do so.

Reports show that last year, during his campaign for the Senate against Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fetterman had a stroke and had to take time away from his campaign to heal. Because of hearing impairment, he required special assistance throughout his debate with Oz and his Senate duties, including using closed captioning equipment.

Fetterman was sent to the hospital earlier this month due to dizziness. The tests ruled out a second stroke or cardiac incidents, but he remained in the hospital for monitoring.

According to reports, Fetterman’s therapy for clinical depression may require his stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for quite some time.

The report revealed a Fetterman aide stating Senator Fetterman   has suffered from depression on and off throughout his life.

According to the aide, the physicians are focused on a range of weeks to two months in the hospital for treatment.

In an interview late last week, one of Fetterman’s top advisors indicated that the senator would stay in the hospital as physicians experiment with different drugs and doses.

According to the advisor, Fetterman will also participate in therapy, where he will meet with a trained therapist to process his life events, including the difficulties of running for office.