Joe Rogan Defends Using Horse Dewormer Saying It Was Given To Him By A Doctor

( World-famous podcast host Joe Rogan has hit out at the left-wing media after he was accused of taking a “horse dewormer” as treatment when he recently became infected by COVID-19. Rogan dispelled the obviously untrue claim during Tuesday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, describing how he was prescribed ivermectin – the drug that CNN and others claimed was a drug for animals – by a doctor.

In the podcast he also explained how he used a cocktail of drugs to treat his infection, including the monoclonal antibody therapy that former President Donald Trump received when he came down with COVID-19 last year.

He explained how within a day of being diagnosed with the virus he began a regimen of drugs prescribed by his doctor and that he very quickly felt better.

He also pondered whether he might need to sue CNN, asking his show technician during the episode whether he’ll need to do it.

“They keep saying I’m taking a horse dewormer,” he said, before adding that he was given the drug by a doctor. A human doctor.

Rogan also revealed how the company that sells the drug won the Nobel prize in 2015 for the drug’s use in human beings.

The fact that the left-wing media is so obsessed with the idea that ivermectin might not be a sensible or effective way of treating COVID-19 indicates that something seriously wrong is happening – especially when combined with the fact that the drug appears to work and is supported by doctors.

Some have speculated that the reason why people rail against the drug is that the emergency authorization of the vaccine can only be made if there are no effective treatments available.