Joe Manchin Dives In The Polls After Kneeling To Woke Mob

( Since reaching a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to approve the reconciliation measure, Senator Joe Manchin’s favorability ratings have been plunging to new lows.

According to the results of a survey conducted by YouGov, only 12 percent of American adults believe that the measure, which has been given the name the Inflation Reduction Act, would genuinely cut inflation.

Increase inflation: 36%
Decrease inflation: 12%
Will not change inflation: 23%
Not sure: 29%

The percentage of Republicans who believe it will increase is 69, while the percentage who think it will have a decline is 4. Thirteen percent of Republicans believe it will have no effect.

The independents are split 33-10, with 21 percent believing the outcome will be irrelevant to the race’s outcome.

Democrats are the only group that says it will decrease inflation more than increase it (21 percent), but if you add “will not alter inflation” to the equation, it becomes 47 percent for increase/not change inflation and just 21 percent for decrease inflation.

Regardless, the polling for Manchin, who tipped the scales for the bill’s passage, is quite poor. It indicates that 51 percent of registered voters now have an unfavorable impression of him, compared to just 21 percent who have a favorable view of him. In the same poll from the previous month, Manchin’s favorable and unfavorable ratings were 34 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

That means that in just a few short weeks, there was a net loss of 29 points in Manchin’s favorability! And no way can be attributed to anything other than his public support for the Democrats’ tax and spend, Obamacare expansion, and IRS audit bill initiatives. There’s just no way.

It should be made clear that this is not a survey conducted in his home state of West Virginia, and it is currently unknown whether or not Joe Manchin will even seek reelection in 2024 when he is eligible to do so.

However, this does cast doubt on the notion that this plan enjoys widespread support and will be a significant boon for Democrats in the upcoming election.

In point of fact, it appears more politically perilous by the day.