Joe Biden’s Old Age Just Became A Problem For Democrats

( Should Joe Biden decide not to run for president in 2024, a leading House Democrat is already preparing backup plans. Vice President Kamala Harris would be House Democrat Whip James Clyburn’s top choice to succeed Biden on the Democrat ticket.

But Clyburn then changed his mind, saying that “what America needs right now is a Biden presidency.” Nevertheless, he did acknowledge that Biden may not be eligible for a second term due to his old age.

David Gergen, who advised four presidents, maintained his opinion that Joe Biden and Donald Trump shouldn’t seek office in 2024. Biden, who is presently 79 years old, and Trump, who is currently 76 years old, should “pull back from these elections because of their age,” according to Gergen.

He said the office is the most difficult position in the world, the most powerful, one where if the president makes one mistake in judgment, there may be devastating effects. He believes that someone in their 80s is ineligible to be making such decisions over four years.

Gergen continued by stating that medical specialists require additional research to understand an older president’s issues fully.

He said it’s a mistake for either party to choose individuals who will essentially be trying to manage the country in their 80s.

Meanwhile, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Democratic officials are wary of Biden’s potential bid for president in 2024 but are hesitant to speak out against him. The Biden administration is in charge of overseeing record-high inflation rates, petrol prices, and food prices. The main concerns are Biden’s advancing age and plummeting support rating.

One Democratic strategist admitted, speaking anonymously to address a delicate subject.


The strategist said that everyone agrees that he is old as f——, but they don’t want to bring it up in case they offend him or those around him.


Biden “looks elderly and seems old, and that’s not a nice look for the White House,” according to a Biden loyalist who routinely speaks to White House staffers.


Even though its own front-runner for the presidency, Donald Trump, just turned 76, the GOP has made it apparent that it will exploit Biden’s age as a point of attack.


Trump seems robust. Biden seems frail and confused.