Joe Biden Watchlist Order Dropped For Leftist Group Despite Rape And Murder

( FARC, which is a Spanish acronym of the “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia,” is an extremist Marxist organization that has been on the United States’ list of terrorist organizations ever since 1997.

The group has a long history of engaging in terrorist and dangerous activity, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced in a statement on Tuesday that the organization would be removed from America’s list of proscribed terror groups.

Their excuse? That is doesn’t really exist anymore.


Blinken issued a statement claiming that it is no longer a “unified organization that engages in terrorism” and that it doesn’t have the “capability or intent to do so.”

Whether or not that’s true – and some argue that it’s not – it means that anybody who supports the organization can engage with it, and actively promote it, without being designated a terrorist or a terrorist supporter.

Meanwhile, over in Canada, the libertarian men’s drinking club the “Proud Boys” have been labeled a terrorist organization even though the group has never engaged in or promoted terrorist ideologies.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

In 2016, FARC famously signed a peace deal during the final days of the Obama administration. The deal means that the organization is guaranteed a share of the seats in the Colombian legislature, whether or not the people vote for them.

The message from Secretary of State Antony Blinken? If terrorists scare you enough, engage in enough violence, and threaten sufficient terrorism, the world’s greatest superpower will strike a deal to give you power…and then strip away your designation as a terrorist organization just a handful of years later.

This is the legacy of the Biden administration.

Siding against the American people, and with foreign terrorists.