Joe Biden Walks Away From Reporters Asking Tough Questions

( On Tuesday, President Joe Biden was asked a question about the most serious military operation in modern European (and American) history. As the president was leaving an event celebrating Black History Month, he was asked by a journalist in the crowd whether the American people should be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war.

It came after reports suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin was preparing nuclear weapons, or at least telling the world he is putting his nuclear weapons on standby, in the hope that the West will stop getting involved in his ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

A CBS News White House correspondent shouted at the president as he finished his speech and began leaving the room.

“Mr President, should Americans be worried about nuclear war?” the correspondent asked.

Biden actually answered for once, though, and said “no.”

The president was pretty blunt, but it doesn’t mean that there is no nuclear threat.

In fact, the prospect of a nuclear war has caused so much concern in Europe that there has been a rush of people buying iodine across the continent. Iodine, or potassium iodide, is used to protect people against developing thyroid cancer in the event of a nuclear explosion. Central Europe has seen an explosion in sales of the chemical after Putin called on his nuclear forces to be “combat-ready.”

If President Joe Biden thinks there is no threat, then it’s not crazy to assume that there might be. After all, he wouldn’t be honest about it, would he?