Joe Biden Thanked the Lincoln Project After 2020 Election

( An interesting tidbit turned up in a November 28 Politico article on the Lincoln Project. It appears that the child-sniffing Joe Biden personally called the young-men predators from the Lincoln Project to thank them for helping him get elected.

In a column titled “No one seems to like the Lincoln Project anymore,” when describing the heyday of the anti-Trump outfit, Politico’s Christopher Cadelago and Meridith McGraw mention that Joe Biden even called Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt after the 2020 election to thank him for all the work the Lincoln Project did on his behalf.

Whether or not the claim is true is anybody’s guess. The Politico writers cite “a person familiar” with the supposed phone call. But given how routinely the Lincoln Project lies, trusting their account would be a rookie mistake. It is just as likely Steve Schmidt himself or one of the other losers from the Lincoln Project made up the story as a way to goose their flagging donations and make themselves appear more influential than they are.

Politico attempted to confirm the claim with the White House, but the White House didn’t comment.

The crux of the Politico piece is how the Lincoln Project has fallen out of favor among the Democrats and the few anti-Trump Republicans that still exist.

Politico reports that since the 2020 election, the Lincoln Project has been embroiled in several internal disputes and scandals that have made the once-eager Democrat and anti-Trump donors head for the exits.

At the heart of the problem for the creepy Lincoln Project was their idiotic decision to stage a campaign stunt using Virginia Democrat Party operatives dressed up as tiki-torch wielding “white supremacists” supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin. The stunt was widely condemned and sent Lincoln Project members scrambling to disavow and distance themselves from their own operation.

The blowback escalated recently after the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson openly rooted for another Trump nomination in 2024. While Wilson claimed he did so because he believed Trump would be the easiest Republican to beat, some believe his motives were selfish since opposing Trump proved to be such a lucrative source of income for the LP’s founders.

Aside from joining the fight to defeat Trump, the Lincoln Project doesn’t have a particularly successful record in getting Democrats elected. Every 2020 Senate race the Lincoln Project waded into saw the Republican incumbent win over the Democrat challenger the promoted.

Then there’s the Virginia race last month. The Lincoln Project spent a lot of money smearing Youngkin as a Trump clone in hopes of getting Terry McAuliffe elected. And once again, their efforts were an abject failure.