Joe Biden Starts Coughing His Way Through His Press Conference While Attacking Conservative Media

( President Joe Biden really likes to point the finger at anybody but himself or his administration, and during a recent car crash of a press briefing, the president tried to blame conservative media for people not trusting the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Tuesday, the president told the American people that they should feel free to spend Christmas with their families…but only if they have taken the COVID-19 vaccine. Describing taking the shot as a “patriotic duty,” the president attempted to scare the living hell out of anybody who refuses to take the shot and instead take their chances with the virus.

It’s not surprising so many people don’t want to take the vaccine, either. New “breakthrough” cases are happening every single day, with triple vaccinated people frequently finding themselves infected with the new Omicron variant of COVID-19.

And if Biden’s horrible argument and finger-pointing weren’t bad enough, just look at him cough his way through the conference. It’s ironic, but it’s also worrying – this man is the leader of the free world, and he never, ever looks healthy.


What’s with that?

It could be age, it could be a cold, or maybe it’s COVID. Who knows? Either way, it hardly instills confidence when the leader of your country appears before the press blaming the American people for the spread of a virus that came from China.

Also, who genuinely believes President Biden has the authority to tell people who should and shouldn’t be able to spend Christmas, the holidays, and the new year celebrations with their families?

Not only that, but during the very same press conference, Biden said he shouldn’t even be hosting the press conference in the first place – once again raising questions about whether or not the president is in control.

Who said he shouldn’t be hosting a press conference? And why should he care what his staff tells him?