Joe Biden Slurs in Juneteenth Event Speech at the White House 

The presidential election is only months away from occurring. The incumbent president, the 46th commander in chief of the United States Joe Biden appears likely to face off against the former 45th President Donald Trump in what is likely to be a tense race. In 2020, both men squared off in the previous presidential general race and Trump was defeated by Biden. This time, polls project yet another close race, with Trump and Biden locked in a neck and neck battle. Both men are quite unpopular, with Biden enjoying a paltry 37.4% approval rating in a latest poll reported by Newsmax. Trump, however, is also as unpopular, with a majority of Americans holding an unfavorable opinion of him. Trump was also recently convicted of a felony in a trial in New York State in relation to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels and a “hush money” incident. Trump has an approval rating of about 41%, not much better than Biden- and he is the first president in American history to be convicted of a felony. 

Biden has long been perceived by many media pundits on the conservative side of the aisle and political rivals as being on a “cognitive decline”. At times, he has appeared dazed and made statements that some have construed to be incoherent. The president is over eighty years old and is already the oldest president in American history. The New York Post recently alleged that Biden has been using “cheat sheets” and teleprompters with great frequency when addressing the media and delivering remarks to the public. 

In yet another gaffe, the Gateway Pundit reported that Biden made yet another incomprehensible statement in a Juneteenth speech at the South Lawn of the Whitehouse on June 10th. He stated something about a female individual “knowing long”, and then made a garbled pronunciation of an unintelligible word before claiming freedom could not be secured. The future remains quite uncertain.