Joe Biden Should Be Scared Of Robert Kennedy Jr

The numbers for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s campaign are looking good. Joe Biden, the President, frequently acts as if he will be the Democratic Party’s unopposed nominee for president in 2024. Undoubtedly, he still has the most votes among Democrats and looks like the likely nominee. But it’s not correct to say that he has no competition or will easily win in 2024. 

19FortyFive notes that if Biden continues to favor the elitist strategy of ignoring and refusing to debate the challengers on his Left, the world may learn that the 46th president is quite vulnerable. 

Marianne Williamson, a crystal worshiper, is polling at 9% among prospective Democratic Party voters, but the 19 percent support that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has received since announcing his independent run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination is far more noteworthy.

Before he even entered the race, RFK, Jr. had already been written out as a candidate due to the biased coverage he received in the media. RFK, Jr.’s poll numbers are astonishing, given the challenges he faces simply getting his message out there. 

If the media weren’t doing everything in their power to dismiss RFK, Jr. and to carry water for Joe Biden, RFK, Jr.’s 19 percent in the recent Gallup survey could be far higher. His numbers would rise even more if Williamson weren’t in the race.

RFK, Jr. is more than just a vaccination skeptic. He has a long history of standing up against environmental industry giants. Unlike modern Democrats, RFK Jr. was a staunch advocate of individual freedom. 

He outshines Biden regarding oratory skills and appears to have a firmer grasp on the most critical subjects. 

RFK, Jr. poses a danger not only to the Democratic Party elite but also to the emerging corporatocracy devouring the United States from the inside out. But, his chances are hurt by the media’s blackout of covering him.

Numerous surveys have shown that most Democrats will reluctantly back Joe Biden’s reelection bid in 2024.

RFK Jr. demonstrates to Democrats and the rest of the world that Biden is vulnerable and can be defeated.