Joe Biden Is Using Stingrays To Target Immigrants

( To track illegal aliens, the Trump administration pioneered the use of cellphone tower simulators, commonly referred to as “stingrays,” that trick cell phones into connecting to a fake cell tower allowing law enforcement to track and identify the physical location of the phone. And despite discontinuing most of Trump’s immigration enforcement policies, the Biden administration has continued using these “stingrays.”

But considering the Biden administration believes the biggest threat to national security is “white supremacist terrorism,” what are the odds that they utilize cellphone tower simulators exclusively for illegal aliens?

According to Nathan Freed Wessler, deputy director of the ACLU’s speech, privacy, and technology project, there is one difference between the Trump administration’s use of stingrays and the Biden administration’s use. Biden’s DHS, unlike Trump’s, is obtaining warrants to use them. At the same time, Freed Wessler argued that these devices should only be used “for the most serious investigations” and only with “strict oversight and limitations.”

The ACLU obtained documents through a 2017 FOIA lawsuit that revealed Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy asserted that immigration officials were only permitted to use cellphone tower simulators in criminal cases.

But according to Freed Wessler, while ICE said they don’t use these for civil immigration enforcement, over the last couple of decades, there has been “an incredible criminalization of immigration law.”

That’s because entering the country illegally is a crime.

What bothers the ACLU is that ICE is using these stingrays to track down illegal aliens whose “only” crime is entering the country illegally after previously getting deported. The ACLU thinks the only time cellphone tower simulators should be deployed is to track down illegal aliens who have been charged with “non-immigration-related” offenses.

And not just any “non-immigration-related” offenses either. The ACLU is especially troubled that in the last two known cases in which stingrays were used, the suspects were wanted on “relatively low-level state charges.”

According to Freed Wessler, if DHS can use stingrays to go after someone whose “only” crime is illegal reentry, what’s to stop them from using it against any foreign national in the country illegally.