Joe Biden Is Actively Working To Replace American Workers With Amnesty For Illegals

( Republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn warned last week that President Joe Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” agenda is packed full of buried policies, one of which includes replacing American workers with illegal workers through an amnesty offer.

On Thursday, Blackburn stressed that legislators considering budget reconciliation bills to reform immigration policies is highly unusual – which is true. Budget reconciliation is a system that allows for budgets to be passed with a simple majority vote in the Senate that bypasses the 60 vote requirement to end a filibuster. Recently, Democrats have touted the possibility of tacking on new legislation that would provide amnesty to illegal aliens to an upcoming budget that could quickly be passed in the Senate.

Such a move would mean Republicans have no way of stopping amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens all over the Un8ited States – most of whom would undoubtedly vote Democrat.

“Providing amnesty for illegal immigrants is not the fix for a border crisis, yet @POTUS and the Democrats won’t let up on including it in their reconciliation package,” Blackburn wrote.

Under the reconciliation bill proposed by the Biden administration and the democrats, amnesty would be provided to millions of aliens in the country – and Blackburn suggested that the policy was “snuck” into the budget because the president knows that it would never pass.

Speaking to Stephen Miller, Blackburn said that the Democrats “know this would never pass on its own” and that they are “going to try and get this provision through the budget bill.”

More than 1.7 million illegal aliens have been detained in fiscal year 2021, and the numbers just keep increasing. With tens of millions of aliens already in the United States, too, the Democrats could be in for a massive payday as soon as that amnesty comes through and those millions of aliens register to vote.