Joe Biden Faces Attacks From Haitians Over His Cruel Decisions

( A conglomeration of groups advocating for the rights of Haitians ran a full-page ad in a prominent newspaper criticizing President Joe Biden for “cruel asylum policies” and they effects they’re having on Haitians who have been repatriated, and others who have been turned away at the southern border.

This week, the groups ran a full-page ad in the Washington, D.C., edition of The New York Times. It’s all part of a campaign called Welcome With Dignity. The group is made up of organizations and individuals who want the White House to completely revamp the country’s process for asylum seekers.

The ad isn’t the end of the push, either. Demonstrations are planned to be held across America, led by the group called Haitian Bridge Alliance. It’s an advocacy group that’s demanding the U.S. end deportations to the Caribbean nation that has been ravaged by coronavirus and other natural disasters in recent years.

The ad calls for the U.S. government to end Title 42 and cease all expulsions of people back to Haiti. The ad mentions that more than 7,500 people have been sent back to Haiti just since September.

It speaks directly to Biden, reading:

“Your cruel asylum policies have human consequences. Since you took office, there have been at least 6,356 kidnappings, sexual assaults, and other violent attacks against people seeking safety turned away at the border.”

The Biden administration decided to continue implementing Title 42, which is a border management policy first implemented under former President Donald Trump. It allows officials in the U.S. to expel foreign nationals immediately without having to hear any asylum claims.

The reasoning for this is to protect the people of the U.S. from the further spread of the coronavirus.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has continued to say that Title 42 is a measure that’s necessary for sanitation. The advocacy groups say that claim is silly, since most of the Haitians who are expelled under Title 42 spend at least two weeks in custody of U.S. agencies.

Any Haitian national who was in the United States before July 29 are still eligible to apply for TPS, or temporary protected status. That program is designed so that foreign nationals don’t have to be repatriated to their home countries if there are dangerous conditions for them there.

Advocates for the Haitian people have said the Biden administration hasn’t applied asylum laws that have been long standing. They particularly attack the designation of TPS along with a cutoff date, claiming that shows the administration isn’t concerned about humanitarian issues.

Taisha Saintil, who serves as the legislative and communications director for the Haitian Bridge Alliance, said:

“I try not to have high expectations. Rescinding a Trump-era policy is the least I would expect.”

Santil further said that Haitians who are in the United States are dumbfounded at how the Biden administration continues to repatriate people back to a country that American has formally said is too dangerous to receive deportees.