Jim Jordan’s ‘Pressure’ Campaign Has Supposedly Backfired

GOP Rep. Byron Donalds said the “pressure” placed on lawmakers by Jim Jordan’s supporters had backfired. Donalds, who supported Jordan, believes fellow backers of the Ohio Representative ruined his chances of taking up the Speaker’s gavel as successive ballots saw his vote share fall. His remarks came as some GOP colleagues complained about heavy-handed tactics by Jordan allies, with some even saying they had been threatened.

Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz and Florida Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart spoke out against Mr. Jordan and said he clearly did not have the party’s backing. “I truly believe these intimidation techniques are not acceptable,” Spartz said, while Diaz-Balart told reporters, “If anybody’s trying to get my vote, the last thing you want to do is try to intimidate or pressure me because then I close out entirely.”

The third ballot took place on October 20, and Mr. Jordan once again fell short of the 217 votes needed. Having received 200 and 199 votes on the first and second ballot, the number dropped to 194 on vote number three – signaling that the GOP was further away from a resolution while the House of Representatives remains deadlocked.

Some members suggested bringing Donald Trump into the Speaker’s chair, while others said Patrick McHenry, who had taken up a temporary position, should be given more powers and permitted to stay in the role until January.

Republicans met for a second time on October 24 to attempt to resolve the issue, with lawmakers saying they had to return to the drawing board. Mr. Trump, who had endorsed Jim Jordan, said he would keep his opinions to himself and not make further recommendations. “I’ve spoken to just about all the candidates. There are quite a few of them, and they’re terrific people,” he said.

Minnesota Rep. Tom Emmer emerged as an early potential favorite, but Trump offered no comment on his candidacy; he has denounced Mr. Emmer as “disloyal” in the past.