Jim Acosta Tries To Compare Virginia To “Soviet Union” Because Of Republicans

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Jim Acosta, the controversial former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN who made his name by shouting at former President Donald Trump during press conferences, is reportedly trying out for a new prime time slot on the network.

Reports suggest that Acosta’s “Democracy in Peril” special, which is a show that regularly pushes conspiracy theories and accuses Republicans of working to restrict the voting rights of non-white voters across America, is some kind of “trial” on the network to see if he is a good fit to replace disgraced former anchor Chris Cuomo.

If you thought Chris Cuomo disappearing from our screens was a blessing…consider a world where Jim Acosta is a prime-time anchor…

Earlier in the week, Acosta invited notorious left-wing extremist Molly Jong-Fast onto his show to talk about new Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s first week on the job. During the segment, Acosta attempted to paint Virginia under Youngkin as a “Soviet-style police state.”

Police state? Does Acosta not watch the news? After years of far-left violence that accumulated in hundreds of cities being burned to the ground by ar-left radicals in 2020, Acosta thinks that funding the police constitutes a “police state”?

Acosta’s grievances with Youngkin could be related to his immediate order that directed schools across the state to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in classrooms.

We all know how mad left-wing media types get when Republican legislators and leaders stand up to extremist school teachers and school board members who advocate the teaching of radical, racist policy that divided children along racial lines…

If this is all one big interview to determine if Acosta is good enough to be CNN’s next prime time anchor, then the results of the interview will show us whether CNN’s audience supports Critical Race Theory and radical left-wing ideas being taught in the nation’s schools.