Jill Biden To Leave U.S. To Lead Delegation At Olympics

(FreedomBeacon.com)- First Lady Jill Biden (sorry, DOCTOR Jill Biden…) is expected to travel to Tokyo to take part in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Summer Games expected to begin on July 23.

The wife of President Joe Biden, who has been lauded with praise and adoration in a way that supermodel Melania Trump was always denied for political reasons, will lead a delegation to the Olympic Games without her husband. The news was announced by the White House on Tuesday.

But if Jill Biden was expecting a big audience to praise her, she’s sorely mistaken. This year, the Olympic Games will not have any real-life spectators, owing to continued concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. Tokyo is currently in a state of emergency that will expire on August 22, which is weeks after the games close on August 8.

The Olympic Games are already behind by a year after being delayed because of the outbreak of COVID last year, but it all seems as though it wasn’t really worth it given that they aren’t going ahead as planned this year anyway.

One benefit of Jill Biden leading the U.S. delegation to Tokyo is that she is at least capable of finishing a sentence and not getting lost during her train of thought. She has been seen repeatedly on the campaign trail coaching her husband to say the right thing and reminding him of things he forgets.

It’s not the first time that Jill Biden has led a delegation to the Olympic Games, having led the delegation with her husband, then the vice president, to the Olympic Games in Canada in 2010.