Jill Biden Addresses Husband’s Debate Performance at Fundraiser

At a campaign visit in Long Island, New York,  First Lady Jill Biden was at her husband’s side the whole way. She said that Joe Biden has all the necessary qualities for the position and made it clear that no one else could do the job except him.

After President Joe Biden’s dismal showing in last Thursday’s presidential debate sparked new concerns about his age, capacity to compete in November’s election, and capacity to serve an additional four years, the First Lady is attempting to mobilize support for her husband.

Many Democrats were alarmed by Biden’s (81) unsettling performance in the presidential debate. The editorial board of The New York Times said the next day that Biden ought to withdraw from the race and that continuing to run would be an irresponsible risk due to his rambling responses and inability to reply adequately to former President Donald Trump.

It is very perplexing how someone whose core platform is on the need for fair and lawful elections could pose a danger to democracy, but the president claims that this is the case in his battle against Trump.

Despite the raging issue surrounding her husband’s eligibility for reelection, Jill Biden addressed another New York audience only 24 hours after his catastrophic debate and spoke very highly of him.

But when she embarrassingly addressed her husband in a way that one would use when dealing with little toddlers, her pitch lost some of its luster.

In recent years, her role as Biden’s defender and top confidante to her husband has grown, causing many to wonder if she’s really the boss.  

Following Thursday night’s faltering performance by the president in the debate, Republican Rep. Chip Roy (TX) shared the video on social media and asked who was the true commander-in-chief in response to the first lady’s grasp on Biden’s hand as he departed the stage.

Jill Biden denied the rumor that her husband would not run for reelection earlier this year when many were still in disbelief that Biden would really seek another term.