Jesse Waters Takes Lead In New Fox News Ratings

( Ever since Jesse Watters got his own primetime show on Fox News, he’s been killing it. His show drew well over a million viewers when it first launched and he has managed to keep up the momentum. On Friday, Watters even led among all Fox News anchors in the important 25-54 age demographic.

It means that Watters had the most viewers within the age demographic that advertisers prefer shows to appeal to.

On Thursday, Fox saw three of its shows attract more than one million viewers in that demographic. On Friday, Watters led the entire network with 876,000 in the specific age demographic, beating popular anchor. Tucker Carlson who had 870,000 in the same demographic. The Five also managed to pull in 857,000 viewers in that age demographic.

They’re all great numbers of Fox, but particularly good for Watters who is still new to his primetime show.

You can see a full breakdown of how Fox News viewers tuned in last week over at Mediate. Click here to take a look.

But, on the topic of Mediaite, can we talk about the fact that the network is always looking for ways to smear Republicans and conservatives…and always sharing stories about Tucker Carlson? This reporting could be innocent, but given the platform’s apparent obsession with everything Tucker Carlson says or does, this might be a convenient way of trying to suggest that Carlson is losing his power over the network.

We’ll see…