Jennifer Lopez Reports Her Wedding Video Was “Stolen”

( Jennifer Lopez has come forward this week to assert that the video showing a private moment between her and Ben Affleck on the day of their wedding was “stolen.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Lopez commented on an Instagram account, @jlow0rld, that had released a video showing her serenading Affleck during their wedding reception. In the video, she looks like she is singing a new song, and some lyrics include “Can’t get enough!” Affleck was seen watching the performance.

In the music video, Jennifer Lopez sings, “All night/ I can feel the passion/ in your eyes/ I’m still in love with you.”

“I did not give consent for this footage to be taken. Period. Whoever did it took advantage of our intimate moment,” Lopez remarked after the incident.

She said she doesn’t know where “you all are getting it from” because we had NDAs and asked everyone not to publish anything from our wedding.

She said it would be their choice to share.

  1. Lo was captured on camera singing the song dedicated to Ben Affleck. The song’s lyrics were “Can’t get enough!” and were included in the TMZ video. Lopez performed directly to Affleck while wearing her pearl-encrusted Ralph Lauren gown. Affleck, sitting in the front row, was grinning.

Following its first publication on TMZ, the video clip almost immediately began to generate headlines. It finally made its way to the Instagram account of a fan named @jlow0rld, where Lopez could express her opinion in the comments section.

After hearing Jennifer Lopez’s worries, the fan account responded by deleting the video and providing an explanation by publishing a screenshot of the pop star’s original comment.

After getting officially married in July at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Affleck and Lopez hosted a three-day ceremony with over 100 guests at his 87-acre Georgia estate. The ceremony was held on the mansion’s white-flower-filled lawn with candles and “live, laugh, love” signs. Lopez wore three Ralph Lauren gowns for the ceremony officiated by podcaster Jay Shetty, where guests were urged to wear all white. The night before, there was a Southern family supper. The newlyweds chose the Georgia home because of its symbolism. Ben bought the house 20 years ago when they were engaged.