Jennifer Lopez Caught In Outburst At Gym

Jennifer Lopez was caught waiting outside of her gym after her keycard did not work, according to The Daily Caller. As she waited, paparazzi began following her and snapping photos from the street. The superstar looked irate as she had to wait. The Daily Caller’s author, however, lambasted Lopez for daring to be impatient and cursing at the paparazzi.

Photographers waited for Lopez to leave the gym before they once again started to snap pictures. She responded to them with expletives. 

“Go away. Fuck you, bye!” Lopez said before getting into the car and driving off. 

The Daily Caller found this behavior to be disrespectful because the photographers were not allegedly bothering her or encroaching on her privacy, despite the fact that they were encroaching on her privacy by following her around. The outlet then suggested that the singer should not be rude to the photographers because they are the reason she remains “current.” 

The same writer also reported on a viral incident that occurred between Ben Affleck and Lopez as they made their way to the car after getting a beverage. Affleck appeared annoyed with Lopez. He mutters something to her as they approach the car and he opens the door for her but slams it with frustration. Before entering, however, he looks over to the paparazzi filming him and says, “I think you got it.” 

Once again, the right-wing outlet’s writer suggests that Affleck’s response to the paparazzi was uncalled for, suggesting that he had plenty of time to get accustomed to the cameras and should not expect to be left alone, especially after marrying Lopez. 

But those commenting on the author’s article largely appear to agree. Many called out Lopez’s behavior as rude and disgusting, with one user calling the star a “pig” and yet another calling her a “diva.”