Jen Psaki Tries To Change Subject On Hunter Biden Issue

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki couldn’t control her anger on Monday when a reporter asked a perfectly legitimate and important question about Hunter Biden’s investments in businesses in Taiwan and China.

It’s a topic sensitive to the White House, for obvious reasons, and one Psaki herself has been trying to avoid for several months.

Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson, who is quickly making a name for herself for being every bit as ruthless as Fox News’ Peter Doocy, asked Psaki about the worsening aggression from China under the Biden administration.

She noted that there was concern about President Joe Biden’s son having business dealings in China when he first entered the White House and that he was supposed to be divesting from his stake in a China private equity firm by December.

Robinson added that as of April he still hadn’t done it, and asked whether the White House could provide an update on the situation.

Psaki didn’t like it, insisting that Hunter Biden doesn’t work for the administration and that the media should ask Hunter Biden’s representatives instead.


Isn’t the fact that the son of the president is profiting from China something that the White House should be commenting on? Or doing something about?

Robinson refused to let it go, stating that the president insisted during his campaign that nobody in his family would have any business relationships with foreign corporations or countries, and asked whether Psaki agreed that it could be assuring for the American people to know that Hunter Biden had divulged himself of his deals.

At this point, Psaki then started accusing the reporter of yelling.

“Well, again, I conveyed to you and then I think I’m going to have to move on, that you should talk to — you should talk to his representatives — and there’s no reason to yell, I’m certainly not yelling,” she said.

…the reporter wasn’t yelling either.

Have you noticed how Psaki’s temper gets worse when she’s asked questions she knows she’s not allowed to answer?