Jen Psaki Tells Americans To Only Blame Putin For Skyrocketing Inflation

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki really does have a tough job on her hands. Not only is she the top media spokesperson for the White House, but she is tasked with spinning every single failure of the Biden administration as a good thing.

And when it comes to inflation, she’s required to blame everything on Putin. People know she’s lying, too.

On April 11, just before the latest inflation numbers were released from the Bureau of Labor, Psaki reminded journalists and people at home to blame Putin for America’s economic woes…even though inflation started long before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The latest figures, by the way, show that U.S. inflation accelerated to 8.5% last month – higher than the February figures. It’s the worst inflation figure America has seen since 1981.

During a press conference, Psaki warned people that the number would be “extraordinarily elevated” and that it’s all a result of “Putin’s Price Hike.”

She calls it “Putin’s Price Hike” as if Putin has chosen to hike prices in the West. Has he? No. The West has hiked prices of fuel by implementing sanctions against Russia…and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine had absolutely nothing to do with the rising cost of food and consumer goods in the United States.

She can blame Putin all she likes, but she must know it’s not true, right?

Maybe that’s why she’s leaving her job this year…