Jen Psaki Suggests It’s Wrong To Hold China Accountable For COVID-19 Origins

( Last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed the “hate-filled rhetoric” about the origins of COVID is behind the significant increase in violence against Asians in 2021.

Yeah, really.

During last Tuesday’s press briefing, an Asian reporter asked Psaki to comment on the 339 percent spike in anti-Asian hate crimes that occurred in the first year of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Rather than discuss the epidemic of homelessness or the overall spike in violent crime in Democrat-run cities, Psaki took the weasel’s way out. Namely, she found a way to backhandedly blame Donald Trump. You know, like this White House always does.

Psaki claimed that we’re seeing this rise in anti-Asian attacks “because of the hate-filled rhetoric and language around the origins of the pandemic.”

Really? The black guy from Queens with a long criminal record who attacked an Asian woman in the New York City subway two weeks ago did it because Donald Trump called COVID the “China virus?”

The homeless career criminal who followed an Asian woman into her Chinatown apartment in New York and stabbed her to death did that because people want to know if COVID originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

How stupid does Jen Psaki think we are?

Violent crime is on the rise because prosecutors in Democrat-run cities keep putting criminals back on the street. States and cities are passing “bail reform” legislation that allows violent offenders to walk free only to commit more violence.

Psaki blaming this spike in anti-Asian violence, which is perpetrated largely by people who would only wear a MAGA hat if they dug it out the trash, on “hate-filled rhetoric” about the origins of COVID-19 isn’t just absurd; it’s insulting.

What’s more, it reveals once again that the Biden administration is unwilling to take seriously the issues facing the American people.

After Psaki’s laughable claim, the co-hosts of “The Five” hammered her for having the audacity to blame the increase in Asian hate crimes on President Trump.

Watch that HERE.