Jen Psaki Says Delta Variant Makes Up “Majority” Of New COVID Cases

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed on Friday that a majority of new COVID-19 cases in the United States are now from the so-called “Delta” variant of the virus – a strain of COVID-19 that originated in India and has already become the dominant strain in the United Kingdom.

Psaki, who also slammed what she called vaccine “misinformation” during the briefing, said that scientists now believe the Delta variant of the virus is becoming more widespread than initially anticipated.

It comes as reports increase about individuals who are already fully vaccinated becoming infected with the virus. Even some of the Texas Democrats who fled the state to Washington, D.C., to avoid a vote on new election security measures were infected with the virus despite being fully vaccinated.

The United States has seen a surge in the number of Delta COVID cases and hospitalizations in recent weeks. It has prompted widespread concern among public health officials and even resulted in Los Angeles County returning to the failed policies of 2020 by implementing new mask mandates for every American regardless of their vaccination status.

It means that everyone in the county as of Saturday night will have to wear a mask even if they have received two COVID-19 vaccine shots…which makes you wonder what the point of taking the vaccine is…

The Delta variant of the virus has now been spotted in at least 100 countries and is expected to continue spreading. It is unknown at this stage whether the vaccine fully works against the virus, or whether those who are vaccinated simply have a slightly smaller chance of catching the virus exposed to it.

One thing we can say, however, is that with President Joe Biden and the Democrats running the country, a return to lockdowns doesn’t seem out of the question.