Jen Psaki Resorts To Mocking Reporter Over Being Asked About Biden’s Failures

( White House Press Secretary has never had a great time with the press, which is quite a feat given that most of the journalists in the White House Press Briefing Room are egging on the Biden administration. Nonetheless, Psaki recently showed her incompetence during an exchange with Bloomberg’s Justin Sink, failing to defend the Biden administration amidst multiple crises.

On Thursday, Sink noted that things appear to be “going poorly” for the White House of late.

“Build Back Better is blocked, voting rights is blocked. Inflation is at a 40-year high, the virus is setting records for infections,” he said.

All true.

Sink then said that he is wondering at what point the Biden administration takes a step back and decides that “things need to change internally.”

“Whether you’re outreach for the Hill, the leadership in the White House…you seem to be stymied on an incredible number of fronts,” he added.

While the words must be hard for Psaki and her team to hear, they’re entirely true and Sink’s comments weren’t designed to be derogatory. They’re just true. Biden hasn’t been able to pass his extremist Build Back Better agenda because even members of his own party in Congress say it’s extreme, he hasn’t ended the filibuster, he hasn’t passed the bill designed to federalize elections and weaken election security, and inflation is reaching record highs.

You’d think that Psaki would have a professional response, but no. She chose to mock Sink, instead.

After claiming that the Biden administration should be praised for doing “hard things,” Sink once again asked whether there was any feeling that there is a need for change. Psaki once again responded by talking about doing “hard things” and that they are facing domestic and global issues…which are things every single administration faces.

And then, she got sarcastic:

“We could certainly propose legislation to see if people support bunny rabbits and ice cream, but that wouldn’t be very rewarding to the American people,” she said.

No, it wouldn’t. And neither would Build Back Better, the so-called “voting rights” bill, or ending the filibuster.

Maybe the Biden administration should focus on positive legislation that would benefit the American people…that way, they might actually get something passed in the Senate.