Jen Psaki Hopes Mass Shooting Scares People Into Caving To Leftist Agenda

( She’s only been out of the White House for a couple of weeks and already Jen Psaki is making the rounds of the talk shows.

Last Wednesday, Psaki appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she and host Jimmy Fallon spent most of the interview talking about the mass murder at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Psaki might be a liar, but she knows how to push an agenda by making it personal. She waxed on about her thoughts that morning as she was taking her daughter to school. Would she be safe? Would the school protect her? Was there enough security?

Then Psaki boasted that when she worked in the White House, she also had those kinds of personal thoughts about what the country might be experiencing and how she might be able to “help heal, help bring some calm.”

Who knew?

From her time at the podium, it seemed more like Psaki was asking herself “how can I spin the latest crisis to help Biden out of this jam.”

And while she is no longer getting paid by taxpayers to shill for Joe Biden, Psaki heaped praise on the hapless old president for his angry, divisive response to last week’s mass murder, claiming that Joe Biden and his wife Jill know that kind of pain.

You know. Because Joe’s son Beau died seven years ago and he never stops talking about it.

Then Fallon asked, other than voting, what can people do to bring change (AKA gun control).

Psaki urged everybody to vote and to use their voices by getting involved in organizations fighting for gun control.

She said it is also important to give people hope that change is possible, adding that she believes last week’s mass murder might “jerk people awake,” which is Jen Psaki’s way of saying, “never let a crisis go to waste.”