Jen Psaki Has Some Words Of Advice For Her Replacement

( Two weeks after word leaked that Jen Psaki had plans to leave her post in the Biden administration, the press secretary still hasn’t made any official announcement on a change in employment.
Speaking on the “Pod Save America” program last week, though, she did give some pretty clear indication that she isn’t going to stay in the White House for much longer.
While appearing on that program, Psaki was asked to comment on the advice she’d give her successor if she were to, hypothetically, leave her post as the White House press secretary.
Instead of shooting down the question and avoiding it altogether, though, she actually answered the question. She said that anyone who were to take over her role needs to realize that the American public isn’t stupid. As a result, you can’t speak to them like they’re in elementary school — even if she does just that to some reporters while at the podium.
Psaki said that the American people are always listening and are paying attention to what’s going on. Not just that, but the public is very knowledgeable. As such, any press secretary needs to make sure their words reflect that, she said.
She further said that a press secretary won’t just be reading off a teleprompter or notes given to them by the president or other top-ranked officials in the White House. As a result, the press secretary needs to know their “s**t” if they want to be successful when speaking to very knowledgeable reporters.
Being a press secretary takes patience with reporters, she added, especially as you’re asked the same question over and over again in different ways at times.
Finally, Psaki said that a press secretary needs to appear that they know what they’re talking about, even when they don’t actually know what they’re talking about.
That’s a lot of insight Psaki gave on the program, shining some light on her future intentions about her post.
In late March, word came out that Psaki would be leaving her job as press secretary this spring, with the intention to join the MSNBC network as a political pundit. She’d also have her own show on NBC’s streaming video service known as Peacock.
Axios was the first media outlet to report the news, and all the other main media outlets picked up on it after that. In the weeks since, the White House and Psaki herself haven’t made any official comments regarding a plethora of questions that have been thrown their way about the situation.
All that an official with the White House would tell NPR is:
“We don’t have anything to confirm about Jen’s length of planned service or any consideration about future plans. Jen is here and working hard every day on behalf of the president to get you the answers to the questions that you have, an that’s where her focus is.”
Before this, Psaki served under the Obama administration, both as a spokesperson for the State Department and the communciations director of the White House.