Jeffrey Epstein Witness Allegedly Named In Lawsuit

( A victim has come forward against Jes Staley, the former boss of Barclays, alleging that he had witnessed the abuse of young women by Jeffrey Epstein, according to The Guardian.

Staley, 66, reportedly resigned from his position as a chief executive of Barclays in November 2021. The resignation followed an investigation by regulators in the U.K. who were probing into his relationship with the notorious financier. He is named in a lawsuit filed by one of Epstein’s victims.

The suit is against JP Morgan, where Staley was chief executive until 2013. During that time, he reportedly had Epstein as a client and knew of the abuse and trafficking Epstein had been found guilty of. She claims that Staley had even witnessed the abuse.

“Staley…was a regular visitor of Epstein’s…and personally observed Jane Doe 1 as a…trafficking and abuse victim at times including through his departure from JP Morgan in 2013,” the complaint states, adding that Staley frequently visited Epstein’s homes and met many of the victims.

Staley’s lawyer argues that his client has no connection with the alleged crimes of Epstein. JP Morgan bank argues that the lawsuit is filed against the wrong party and, while the victim is “entitled to justice” they did not benefit from Staley’s relationship with Epstein.

The U.S. Virgin Islands are also suing JP Morgan Chase alleging that the bank aided Epstein with the trafficking of victims, according to The Guardian. USVI attorney general, Denise George, argues that the bank turned a “blind eye” to the illegal activities of Epstein on his private island, Little St. James, which is part of U.S. territory in the Caribbean.

Acclaimed professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz was recently recused from allegations that he conspired with Epstein after a victim says that she may have made a mistake, according to Breitbart. In light of the case against him, in 2019, Dershowitz wrote, “Guilt by Accusation: The Challenge of Proving Innocence in the Age of #MeToo.”