Jeff Bridges Gives Update About His Cancer Condition

According to Jeff Bridges, his physical condition is coming back strong now that his tumor is as tiny as a marble. Although the 73-year-old actor is back on set and his cancer is showing signs of improvement, he said that his recovery from COVID took a while.

According to an interview with AARP, the Oscar winner has plans to resume shooting his TV series “The Old Man,” which had been placed on hold while he was being treated for lymphoma with chemotherapy. 

In late 2020, Bridges first mentioned his cancer publicly. He told AARP that progress had been sluggish initially as doctors searched for the optimal chemo combination for him. 

Bridges was hospitalized for five weeks, while his wife only spent five days there due to complications with COVID-19. 

In an interview with AARP, Bridges said that in January 2021, the clinic where he had chemotherapy told him he had caught COVID. Without an immune system, he was helpless.

According to a medical website, a tumor is a malignant or benign development of aberrant tissue.

Tumors develop when cells expand and divide uncontrollably. The body normally regulates the rate at which cells divide and multiply. As old cells die, new ones are made to take their place or take on additional roles. In order to create a way for new, healthy cells, the body eliminates the dead or dysfunctional ones.

A tumor may develop if the regular rate of cell division and death is disrupted.

There is a gender disparity in the prevalence of some types of cancers. Some are more prevalent in younger or older generations. Some are linked to what you eat, where you live, and your family history.

Benign tumors are sometimes surgically removed for aesthetic or symptomatic reasons. Due to their location or negative influence upon adjacent normal brain tissue, benign growths within or near the brain may be removed.