January 6th “Conspiracy” Charges For 4 Suspects  

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Six members of the “Oath Keepers” were found guilty of the January 6th “conspiracy” to topple the U.S. government, according to ABC. All six were found guilty of trespassing and they all face the charge of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding. Sandra Parker, Bennie Parker, Laura Steele, Connie Meggs, Michael Greene and William Isaacs also faced other felony charges. 

The defendants argue that there was no conspiracy to topple the government and that the event erupted from spontaneity rather than a premeditated attempt to stage an insurrection. Four members of the group could be seen in a “stack” formation donned in military-style gear.  

Greene, who did not allegedly enter the U.S. Capitol, and who was a U.S. Army veteran working as an operations leader for the group, rejected the claim that he was a “formal member.” He also testified on behalf of the group’s leader, Stewart Rhodes, who was also being tried for seditious conspiracy.  

Greene pushed back on the claim that there was a coordinated effort to storm the Capitol or a premeditated effort, but prosecutors brought up messages sent via Signal where one member wrote that they were “storming the Capitol” and added that other rioters were in then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.  

Rhodes founded the group in 2009, according to Reuters. The members of the group reportedly include former law enforcement, military veterans, and first responders. More than 1,000 have been charged in connection to the riot.  

Contrary to mainstream narrative reports, no officer was killed during the riot. Brian Sicknick was reportedly struck with a fire extinguisher by an assailant but died from natural causes related to a stroke after the event. But a report from the D.C. medical examiner’s office stated that “…a medical condition alone caused his death,” the examiner’s report reads, “it was not brought on by an injury.”