Janet Yellen Asked To Provide Damning Info On Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Dealings

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky is asking the treasury secretary Janet Yellen to provide information regarding Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.
Hunter has been under federal investigation for foreign transactions that were considered suspicious. While Joe Biden claims to know nothing about this, a leaked voicemail of Joe Biden asking Hunter about his business dealings overseas debunks the White House’s long-time claim.

As U.S. banks have flagged Hunter Biden’s affairs as suspicious, Rep. Comer wrote a letter to Yellen demanding that she turn over details about the Biden family and their associates’ dealings. This would be the second time Comer has reached out to Yellen, the first being in May, which went unanswered.

“The Biden Administration is restricting Congress’ access to SARs, and Committee Republicans are investigating whether this change in longstanding policy is motivated by efforts to shield Hunter Biden and potentially President Biden from scrutiny,” the May letter stated. Comer added that it was a concern that the president rather make up a story to tell the media rather to create a façade of transparency while avoiding congressional oversight.

“The American people deserve to know whether the President’s connections to his son’s business deals occurred at the expense of the United States’ interests and whether they represent a national security threat,” the letter continued.

If this was a letter to investigate the former president, one may only wonder whether Yellen would respond in a timely manner.

Comer has also sent letters to U.S. and foreign banks on behalf of the Oversight Committee for information that might prove or disprove whether or not the Biden’s “sold access into the top tier of the government to enemies of the United States,” according to Fox News.

The committee has received no replies from the banks who do not have to comply without subpoenas. The Treasury Department claims that they provide suspicious activity reports (SARS) to Congress “in a manner that enables robust oversight and that is consistent with how other sensitive law enforcement information is often produced,” adding that they continue “to engage on the process with any individual members seeking information.”

That is why Yellen has not responded to the Oversight Committee.