Jan. 6 panel urges Supreme Court to deny Trump bid to shield records

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The ultra-partisan House panel that claims to be investigating the origins of the January 6 “insurrection” has asked the Supreme Court to dismiss former President Donald Trump’s legal efforts to block extreme Democrats from accessing and publishing private records from his administration.

Lawyers representing the partisan House committee, which only contains anti-Trump legislators, said in a court brief on Thursday that Trump’s claims of executive privilege – which blocks the publishing of sensitive government documents – are not valid. They did not provide a valid legal argument for such a claim and instead insisted that the records were needed for their “investigation” into the riot.

Translation: they want the documents because they have no evidence whatsoever that Trump incited or supported a riot, and the documents give them some hope of digging up something new that they can create a scandal out of.

“The investigation is indispensable to the Select Committee’s ability to propose remedial measures to ensure the peaceful transfer of power and prevent future attacks on our democratic institutions,” the lawyers wrote. The irony being, of course, that they refuse to recognize the issue of election fraud as a clear attack on American democracy.

Do the Democrats really want to block any systems that help prevent a president from being inaugurated based on fraudulent votes?

Former President Donald Trump turned to the Supreme Court last week following decisions by politically biased lawyers in the lower federal courts to reject his request to block the National Archives from providing the documents to the panel of extremist Democrats.

They are so desperate to smear former President Donald Trump that they’re willing to lie to the Supreme Court. And they claim that Trump is a threat to democracy and American society? Incredible.