James O’Keefe Exposes Facebook By Bringing Forward Whistleblowers

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Project Veritas may have been banned from Twitter, but that hasn’t stopped it from continuing its work to expose Big Tech censorship.

Monday, PV released its latest exposé that includes explosive details on a planned global effort by Facebook to secretly censor any negative comments regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

Not only did two Facebook insiders come forward to speak with Project Veritas about the plan, they also provided detailed documentary evidence that Facebook plans to censor anyone who exhibits “vaccine hesitancy.”

The documents reveal, among other things, that Facebook has what they call a Vaccine Hesitancy score. This VH score is used to determine what types of comments will be considered “vaccine hesitancy” and what action will be taken against them.

According to the leaked documents, “vaccine hesitancy” has been broken down into three tiers:

“Coordinating Harm” includes interfering with the administration of a vaccine or “calls to action” to encourage others not to take the vaccine.

“Alarmism & Criticism” includes disparaging others for having received the vaccine or engaging in alarmism suggesting a hidden widespread conspiracy behind the vaccine.

“Indirect Discouragement” includes promoting news articles (or a user’s own personal experience) regarding vaccine side-effects, as well as promoting alternatives to vaccination.

The objective, according to the documents, is to “drastically reduce user exposure” to anything Facebook determines to be vaccine hesitancy. Even comments that are factually true will not be permitted if Facebook believes the comments may discourage others from getting vaccinated.

One whistleblower told Project Veritas that ultimately Facebook wants to ensure that the comments are removed before they even makes it onto a post.

According to one whistleblower interviewed by Project Veritas, any comment that doesn’t match the narrative that the vaccine is good for you and everyone should get it, Facebook will censor it.

Watch the Project Veritas video:

A year ago, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter were actively censoring users who made any mention that COVID-19 originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Today, there is plenty of proof that this theory isn’t a conspiracy at all, but one that is backed up by documented evidence.

This current attempt to suppress any criticism of the COVID-19 vaccine could likewise prove to be just as shortsighted.