It’s Reportedly “Evident” That Hillary Clinton Is Trying To Run Again, Report Finds

( Last week, Democrat political consultant Doug Schoen co-wrote an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal arguing that the only viable option Democrats have in 2024 is Hillary Clinton.

In an op-ed co-authored with former Manhattan Borough President Andrew Stein, Schoen claimed Hillary already has the advantage going into the 2024 race, noting that she is “an experienced national figure” who isn’t as old as Joe Biden.

Citing Biden’s cratering approval numbers and Kamala’s deep unpopularity, Schoen and Stein argue that there is nobody else to take up the challenge and run in 2024. Biden’s failure, they say, is Hillary Clinton’s opportunity.

Last week, Politico’s Playbook noted that both Bill and Hillary are using the current civil war within the Democrat Party as an opportunity to return to prominence. One insider quoted by Politico said for Hillary, running for office is “a perpetual itch that will never go away.” And with Biden’s agenda failing, the Clintons want to “reset the board in their favor.”

Over the weekend, former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris said there’s a “good chance” 2024 will be a rematch between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with John Catsimatidis on WABC radio, Morris said Hillary has a brilliant strategy which he thinks is the brainchild of her husband Bill. And while no Democrats are currently publicly criticizing Joe Biden, Hillary has begun warning the Democrats not to align itself with the progressive Left.

Morris believes the worse Biden does, the better Hillary can position herself as the Democrat alternative to old Joe and the extreme Leftists who control his presidency. And by getting in at the ground floor in warning Democrats away from the progressive Left, Morris thinks Hillary has “staked out the turf first.”

Not everybody, however, is sold on the idea that a Hillary run in 2024 is a good idea for the Democrats.

In an interview last week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy scoffed at the idea, saying the fact that Democrats are floating a Hillary candidacy in 2024 is an embarrassment for them.

McCarthy observed it isn’t a good look that, while the Democrats hold both chambers of Congress and the White House, people are suggesting Hillary replace Biden in 2024. In a nutshell, McCarthy believes it shows what a predicament the Democrats are in that they would consider bringing back the woman who was already rejected by the voters.